Thinking of a brother to your child?

Thinking of a brother to your child?

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Question: My first child used to suck when I was breastfeeding, and I used to sleep and rest. But now… I have to play the brothers while suckling one. I'm about to faint. How can I rest more? Reply: Bringing up two children at once can give you the feeling that you are stripped of great heroism at first. But think about it: Will there be a medal in exchange for your efforts and wear? Having two children means you need help. Whoever offers help, accept it. If there is no such offer, ask for help. If you are expressing your milk, write the first feeding watch of the night to your spouse. When your baby is 8 weeks old, it will also become more predictable when it will wake up. So you can review your schedule according to his nap times. At 12 weeks of age, she will also be ready to receive training on sleep patterns. This means that you will find wider hours for you to relax. Question: I took care of everything about my first child. But I can't show my affection and love to my second child. Reply: Even if you try to show interest and love to both children at the same time and equally, this feeling will not leave you. Unfortunately, we don't think you can succeed. If you spend more time with the baby because of the necessities, you can try to release him a little. Because your little baby is more interested in the environment than you think. Let him try, didinsin, spin on the flat ground, to get the ball escaping, try to stand up. These will both strengthen self-confidence and improve the ability to solve problems. As a matter of fact, the second children acquire a strong and challenging personality at a much earlier age in order to prove themselves but by fighting for the toy, but by opposing his older brother-sister who says “don't do that“. Therefore, remember that “I cannot show the love I have shown to the second and love the second” and remember that you will benefit from the blessings of having a big brother. And don't forget, of course, that he has the perfect parents to guide him through life.
Question: I'm taking my three-month-old baby to my three-year-old son's playgroup. Because I have no choice. But I'm afraid he'il get infected and get sick. Does he get sick? Reply: Maybe it's strange that you raised your first child in a glass lantern. In fact, you should be glad to be forced to grow the second. If we answer your question, yes abilir He could get sick. But these diseases are not to the detriment of his benefit, because the immune system and body resistance develops like this. You may need to keep the baby away from the outside world for the first two months, be cautious against weather conditions and limit contact with people outside the house, but you may be more comfortable for later. In fact, it is best to listen to common sense: for example, you may ask guests to come to your home to wash their hands before embracing the baby, but don't touch the baby by touching it duvar
Question: My two-year-old doesn't leave his newborn brother around. And she doesn't like it when I breast-feed her. Why is that? Reply: Breastfeeding is the number one trigger of anger attacks. When you gently hold the baby in your arms, the other little one feels excluded. In order to overcome this sense of jealousy and exclusion, try sharing the emotional aspects of breastfeeding with your older child. For example, while you are breastfeeding the baby, he will take a book and tell you what you see in the book. You can also ask him for help so that he sees himself as part of the event. “Run, bring a clean cloth to your brother, let's change the diapers sayesinde will see itself as part of the action, thanks to the following thanks to the belief that the chest will swell. Nevertheless, be patient if you find it hard to get used to this new family member. Because in the end, he's a little boy and he's had to share his mother and father with a baby, who he didn't share with anyone until yesterday!

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