I keep forgetting I'm pregnant

I keep forgetting I'm pregnant

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This past weekend, I pulled into the parking lot of my local Toys "R" Us/Babies "R" Us store, ready to pounce on the 50-60-percent-off, store-closing sales -- and hopefully get Christmas shopping done early. That's when I saw it: An open parking spot right by the exit door.

As I started pulling in, I realized the space was reserved for "expectant moms" and "parents with newborns." I hesitated. Usually, I wouldn't dare taking up one of these spaces. Because I know exactly how stressful pretty much anything can be for a pregnant woman/new parents. So why not let them have this one thing -- which makes their lives a teeny bit easier -- all to themselves?

For some reason, though, this sign irked me on this day. "You know what, screw it," I thought to myself. The store would be closing in like 30 minutes. What's the harm? Would they actually tow my car if someone found out I just wanted a close parking spot for the heaping cart, full of discounted toys I would be buying? How would anyone even know I'm not pregnant anyway?

I decided to live life on the edge. It wasn't until I put my car into park and took out my keys out of the ignition that it dawned on me.

Duh: I am pregnant.

Suddenly, being legitimately parked in the "expectant moms" space wasn't nearly as exhilarating.

This isn't the first time I've had a memory lapse of this sort. I've eaten plenty of cold lunchmeat sandwiches without thinking twice about it. And I have to keep reminding myself that I can't actually ride any rollercoasters when my family goes on vacation in a few weeks. (Bummer.)

How could I forget I'm with-child so easily? I mean, it was definitely panned and very much wanted. Plus, you'd think the fact that I feel nauseated all day long would serve as a reminder. And I'm already so bloated at this point, that I'm "showing" -- even though it's way too early for this nonsense. Ugh.

Maybe it's because this will be baby number four. My mind is already on overdrive with the three kiddos I already have, that it can't wrap itself around the reality of welcoming another. Maybe it's because my life is particularly chaotic right now, as we prepare to move into a new house.

Or maybe it's because I'm exhausted and totally out of it ... because pregnancy.

Yeah. I think I'll go with that.

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