How do you regain your former form with postnatal aesthetics?

How do you regain your former form with postnatal aesthetics?

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The concept of ommy Mommy Makeover ”or Sonrası Post-Pregnancy Aesthetic Surgery olan, which is popular in America, is the most affected areas of pregnancy and childbirth in order to improve the irreversible effects of pregnancy on the female body before and after pregnancy. and a number of surgical methods for breasts. From the moment a woman becomes pregnant, the body gives the developing baby all of its priority. Although hormonal and mechanical changes are effective in almost every organ of the body, they have the most obvious effects on the abdomen and breasts. Normally the size of an orange uterus, the baby grows with the abdominal wall begins to push forward and perhaps the most irreversible effects on the abdominal muscles and connects them by showing the bonding of these structures almost irreversibly causes. Particularly seen in slim women, and although the skin excess is minimal, the main cause of the abdominal protrusion that looks like a bulge and sometimes at the beginning of pregnancy is that the abdominal muscles that have lost this tension cannot support the abdominal organs adequately and these organs are almost herniated out. As the pregnancy progresses and the baby grows, not only the abdominal muscles and ligaments, but also the subcutaneous adipose tissue and the skin itself are altered. Subcutaneous adipose tissue thickens to provide adequate coverage and protection, while the skin is stretched and stretched to accommodate the expanding abdominal volume thanks to its elastic fibers. This tension may cause “cracks üzere, especially in the lower part of the navel, if the fibers are too much to cause separation of the elastic fibers of the skin or genetically weak. All these changes in the skin and subcutaneous level also occur in the breasts. At the same time, the navel will change shape due to tension and become more protruding and larger. Naturally, all these changes become more pronounced, especially in twin pregnancies and during overweight (especially more than 15-20 kg) during pregnancy.Say goodbye to regional lubrication with liposuction!During pregnancy, fat deposits can also occur as one of the body's protective mechanisms. Fat deposits, although the exact cause of the waist, buttocks and buttocks can be seen in another part of the body. Generally, the main reason for the thickening of the post-natal waist of these patients is the collection of fat. After pregnancy, the back, waist, basin, knee and neck areas of fat complaints in the liposuction is a very appropriate option and usually after the procedure is likely to get good results. The fat density of these regions is richer than collagen and the skin on them is tight and more suitable for stretching. On the other hand, patients should be evaluated carefully before performing liposuction procedure in the abdomen after pregnancy.

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