Best pregnancy apps

Best pregnancy apps

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  • With you all the way…

    Track your baby's growth, count kicks, get answers to nagging questions instantly, and prep for the big day. Jeana Lee Tahnk, who writes about parenting and technology for Mashable, tested and picked the essential apps for your pregnancy.

  • My Pregnancy & Baby Today


    With BabyCenter's My Pregnancy & Baby Today, you can track your baby's development, get expert tips for handling the challenges of pregnancy, manage your to-do list, plan your registry, and chat with women who are having babies the same month you are. You can also take weekly bumpies (selfies of your bump!) and compile them into a keepsake video. Cool tools – like our kick counter and contraction timer – come in handy as you approach the finish line. Once you deliver, the app switches to daily parenting guidance to support you through your baby's first year.

    Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android

  • Baby Names!!


    Choosing a baby name can take months of obsessive research, list making, and negotiations. With Baby Names!!, you can scroll through 30,000 names and learn about each one's origins and meaning. You can also find the most popular names and search for names that go well with your own. Keep your faves in a list and share them through email or on Facebook.

    Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android

  • ShopSavvy


    Don't get fleeced on your new changing table or stroller. When you see one you like in a store, use your phone to scan the bar code, and ShopSavvy will tell you what online retailers and stores nearby are charging for the same thing. If you have the luxury of time to wait for a good deal, you can set up alerts to watch for deals on items on your shopping list.

    Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android

  • Kegel Trainer


    Now's the time to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles for pregnancy and birth. Kegel exercises are easy to do, but it can be hard to remember to do them. The discreet Kegel Trainer app offers reminders, simple cues, and timed sessions to get you on track with these important daily exercises.

    Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android

  • Pregnancy Exercise – Weekly Workout


    Stay fit and get ready for delivery with weekly videos that focus on strength training, yoga, and Pilates exercises that are safe during pregnancy. You also can track your workouts, mark your favorites, and take notes. The free version of Pregnancy Exercise – Weekly Workout includes exercises through the first 10 weeks of pregnancy – it's $4.99 for the remaining 30 weeks of workouts.

    Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch

  • Full Term – Contraction Timer


    Are you really in labor? Is it almost time to go to the hospital? With Full Term – Contraction Timer, you (or your labor coach) can just tap a button to start and stop the timer to keep track of how long and how frequent your contractions are. It can even give graphic representation of how your contractions are progressing. You can edit entries and add notes. There's also a kick counter, with the option to email your kick-counting history.

    Works on iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android

  • Our site Birth Class


    This convenient alternative to the traditional face-to-face birthing class, BabyCenter's online birth class walks you through the whole process – on your schedule. Watch videos of births, hear other couples' real-life stories, and make a birthing plan. Helps get gun-shy partners on board too. Not only is it free, but you can watch it as many times as you like to prep for the big day.

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