All about pregnancy tests

All about pregnancy tests

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Tests during pregnancy
A test that gives the good news that you are pregnant. And then for 9 months your doctor will have different tests for you and your baby's health. Why are these tests performed? What are the benefits of maternal and infant health? The answers to these questions, Dr. Health and Diseases Specialist. Murat Taşdemir'den received.

: Which tests are used to understand pregnancy?
Dr. Contact Murat directly Pregnancy tests can be performed when there is a delay in the expected menstrual date. The most sensitive and the most reliable result of these tests is to look at the pregnancy hormone B-HCG in the blood. It usually results when menstrual days or one or two days have passed. Nowadays, urine tests are very sensitive. However, the majority can show the result when the blood B-HCG level rises above 25mIU / ml. Generally, it is more appropriate to look after the expected menstrual day after 3-4 days. Ultrasound diagnosis is the most accurate result. However, with ultrasound, the gestational sac can be seen approximately 1 week after the expected menstrual period.

: Are there any tests that should be performed after a woman is diagnosed to be pregnant?
Dr. Contact Murat directly With the diagnosis of pregnancy, complete blood count, blood group, TORCH test (Toxoplasma, Rubella, CMV and Herpes virus), B and C type jaundice, AIDS tests and complete urinalysis should be performed and smear should be performed. Genetic tests, triple test, sugar loading test, liver and kidney function tests may be performed when deemed necessary in the following months.

: What is AFP? Why apply?
Dr. Contact Murat directly Alpha Feto Protein increases in the blood of the pregnant woman when there are some abnormalities in the baby. As a result of this test, which is a component of the triple test, if the AFP is found to be high, anomalies especially involving the central nervous system are suspected in the baby.

: What are the reasons for amniocentesis testing?
Dr. Contact Murat directly Amniocentesis is a genetic test that is carried out with some fluid taken from the amniotic fluid that the baby is in. In this test, chromosome anomalies of the baby are determined with certainty. It is preferably carried out at 16 to 18 weeks of gestation. When the maternal age is over 35, it is necessary that close relatives have hereditary genetic diseases, if the mother has previously given birth to a baby with a genetic problem.

: Do all mothers need to undergo AIDS and hepatitis tests?
Dr. Contact Murat directly All mothers should have AIDS and hepatitis tests. In addition to sexually transmitted diseases, these diseases are transmitted through blood and blood products or by contact of body fluids such as saliva to open wounds. They directly affect the health of the baby and the mother.

: Are there any tests that should be applied to the expectant mother during the last 3 months of pregnancy?
Dr. Contact Murat directly If deemed necessary in the last three months, Non-Stress Test and infant lung maturity tests can be performed.

: What are three screening tests?
Dr. Contact Murat directly Triple screening test, B-HCG, AFP and Estriol values ​​in the mother's blood and taking into account some of the maternal characteristics of Down Syndrome (Mongol baby) and Neural Tubes (Central nervous system) defect risk is detected.


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