How do you teach your child the concept of time?

How do you teach your child the concept of time?

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Children in early childhood (0-6 years) can not understand the concept of time at the level that adults understand and have problems in this regard. When we ask a child in this age period to be prepared within 10 minutes, we will hear that he is prepared very quickly and asks the question mi Is the 10 minutes still not finished? Both cases show us how inexperienced children are in the concept of time in early childhood.

So why are children so difficult to understand the concept of time? The most important reason for this is that children do not have the capacity to think abstractly in the 0-6 age period, the concept of time becomes a very abstract definition for them. Therefore, it would be wrong to expect children to perceive and understand the concept of time very quickly.

Kindergarten years are also the most important part of early childhood. Therefore, it is one of the duties of parents to give the necessary information and experience to your child in kindergarten.

What can you do?

? Try to explain on the clock to your child while giving him time for any activity. Use the terms “big and small için for the minute hand and the scorpion when explaining and make the explanation as concrete as possible. (For example, it will be time to go to bed when the small 9 is over. If your child does not recognize the numbers also show the number with your hand)

? You can get an hourglass for your child. The hourglass may attract more attention, which makes your job easier.

? You can get a calendar to hang it in your room (especially try to choose the ones that can be picked up day by day, because picking up calendar leaves is one of the things kids enjoy the most). Keeping track of the calendar every day will be a fun activity for them as well as helping them to learn the concept of time.

? Mark special days such as birthdays, New Year's and holidays and try to calculate with your child how much time is left for those days periodically. Remember, such an activity will have your child practice counting.

? Try to create specific routines in your child's life, the better you follow these routines, the more you help your child understand the concept of time. (For example, 21.30 bedtime for your child to be determined and at this time your child should be in bed)

? Together with your child you can prepare a weekly plan for him. Following the weekly schedule will also interest him and make it easier for him to learn the days of the week.

The most important thing to keep in mind when planning your child or give him / her time for an activity is to try to make as much time as possible, otherwise your activity will stop being instructive for your child and start to disturb him. Also, remind your child the necessary time during the activity so that your child doesn't have to finish the activity !!!

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