Holiday gift ideas for toddlers

Holiday gift ideas for toddlers

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  • Glee under the tree

    Toddlers are at a great age for getting gifts: Just tearing off the wrapping is a thrill, which means anything inside the box is already a win!

    By Amy DiLaura

  • A page-turner for motor maniacs

    Your vehicle-obsessed toddler will enjoy story time even more when the pages feature cars, trucks, and trains. Raised shapes and cutouts encourage exploration, and the word clusters on each page kick off conversations.

  • Blocks for stacking and crashing

    Check them out, stack them up, knock them down, repeat. Bonus: At cleanup time, they nest compactly and don't take up much room.

  • Grip-and-grab bouncy balls

    Designed for sensory development, these lightweight balls are easy for little hands to hold and throw, and soft enough to be indoor-friendly.

  • Splish-splash boats

    Sweet little vessels that float in the bath are a toddler classic. These five BPA-free boats stack for fun or storage, bob sturdily in the water, and come with strategically placed holes to let little bathers strain water through them.

  • A va-va-vroom truck

    With a workable dumping bed and sturdy wheels that traverse sandbox construction zones with ease, this is a classic of its genre, made from guilt-free recycled milk-container plastic.

  • A musical puzzle

    Lift each piece of this singing puzzle to hear a verse from "The Wheels on the Bus." The horn goes beep, beep, beep, the wipers go swish, swish, swish. Music + puzzle = toddler bliss.

  • A mod shape-sorter

    Classic shape-sorters help toddlers develop hand-eye coordination and fine motor skills while learning shapes and colors. This little house includes a peekaboo mirror and gently rounded pieces to be poked through the windows, door, and chimney.

  • A friend to tug along

    As your toddler gains walking confidence, she'll love pulling along this cheery spotted puppy in all its wobbly glory.

  • A wheel-around walker

    Piano keys, colorful rollers, light-up buttons, and a telephone (hello!) keep your little one busy for hours. Adjustable wheels can be set to spin more freely when your child really gets rolling.

  • A super-cool scooter

    More than 50 sound effects are entertaining and educational, even as your child grows, thanks to a switch that lets you select songs, phrases, and sounds to suit his age and stage.

  • Cooking up some fun

    It'll be a while before your kids can really help you prepare meals, but here's a toy kitchen tricked out with all the details: stove knobs that click, sink handles that turn, an oven and refrigerator with doors that open and close, and shelves to keep all your little chef's cooking stuff.

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