5 gifts that give back in the spirit of the holidays

5 gifts that give back in the spirit of the holidays

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  • I’m always looking for ways to teach my children that the holiday season is about giving and receiving. Fortunately, there are a lot of companies out there that share this sentiment and direct some of their products and profits towards social good. The business model of giving back is becoming more and more popular. Here's a list of gifts that give back and make you feel twice as good about giving.

  • Toms Shoes

    Toms is probably the best-known company with a buy-one-give-one program. For every shoe you buy, Toms gives a pair to someone in need. According to the company, since 2006 they have given shoes, sight, or safe water to more than 94 million people – 94 million!

    Toms Classic Canvas Youth

  • This Bar Saves Lives

    This Bar Saves Lives is working to end hunger, and their snacks make a perfect sweet treat stocking stuffer. For every bar you buy, they send a lifesaving packet of food to a child suffering from malnutrition. These vitamin-dense, peanut butter-like packets can help a child get healthy in just eight weeks if they are eaten three times a day. Oh, and one of the founders is Kristen Bell – you might know her as the voice of Anna in Frozen.

    Gluten Free Healthy Snack Bar Variety Pack

  • Bixbee Backpack

    Certified B Corporations such as Bixbee are businesses that meet very specific high standards for balancing profit and purpose. They use business as a force for good. Bixbee does this through its buy-one-give-one program. For every backpack purchased, they donate a schoolbag full of supplies to a child in need – all around the world.

    Bixbee Backpack

  • B. Zany Zoo activity cube

    This zany zoo busy box has withstood the test of time in our house, and our nearly 3-year-old still loves to play with it. Not only is this a great return on your investment, but B. Toys gives back. They use minimal packaging and environmentally friendly materials, and donate a portion of their profits to WE, an organization of children who help other children around the world.

    Zany Zoo Wooden Activity Cube

  • Happy Blankie

    The brainstorm of a little boy who wanted to spread happiness by combining his two sisters' favorite things – stuffed animals and blankets – these premium blankets come in a variety of sizes, colors, and textures. When you buy one of these soft blankies, they give one to someone in need of happiness. You even get to choose where it goes!

    Happy Blankie Comfort Blanket for Kids

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