Health problems during pregnancy

Health problems during pregnancy

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There are many good things about being a mother. Of course, with these positive aspects, some minor health problems await them. Pregnant mothers are worried about these problems. Gynecological and Obstetrics Specialist Assoc. Dr. We interviewed with Cem Fıçıcıoğlu.

: Some pregnant women have nosebleeds. What are the reasons for this? What should be done in such a situation?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Blood pressure should be measured first. Bleeding due to high blood pressure It may be an important condition durum If this problem persists after the problem is solved, it is very useful to be examined by an ear-nose specialist.

: What should women do if they suffer from digestive difficulties and heartburn?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile During pregnancy, intra-abdominal pressure and stomach pressure is increasing. As the gestational months progress, intra-abdominal pressure starts to increase. This causes the stomach contents to escape into the esophagus and causes complaints such as burning and souring. In the treatment of these complaints, expectant mothers are recommended to lie in high pillows. Furthermore, care should be taken not to go to bed immediately after a meal. The expectant mother should try not to eat as little and as often as possible. At the same time, oily, creamy foods, orange juice, alcohol cake, chocolate should not consume.

: Why is constipation problem seen in mothers? What needs to be done?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile There is a decrease in bowel movements due to pregnancy hormones. As a result, this complaint may occur frequently, especially in the first months of pregnancy. The mother should take care of her nutrition. It should prefer the food that leaves it. In addition, regular toilet habit should be acquired.

: Incontinence is also considered one of the major problems. What are the reasons?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Urinary incontinence occurs especially when the baby's head is placed in the bone roof during the last pregnancy months. Bladder pressure A decrease in bladder capacity can cause frequent urination and sometimes leakage of urine.

: Other than these problems, what are the health problems that mothers may face?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Apart from these common problems, gingival bleeding is the most common complaint in pregnant women. These complaints may be caused by vitamin C deficiency. Vitamin C supplementation and evaluation by the dentist are recommended for mothers who are facing this problem.

: What is toxoplasma? How does it go? Do you mind feeding cats at home?
Assoc. Dr. View Cem's Full Profile Protozoer is a disease that passes with eating cat droppings or raw, or undercooked meat. The first infection when pregnant can cause miscarriage. But it does not cause recurrent abortions. Every pregnant woman should be examined for toxopalzm. It should be investigated whether or not he has had this disease. In cases of recurrent infections, the mother's treatment prevents the transition to the baby if the infectious disease is detected. Therefore, it is not right to feed incisions at home while pregnant.

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