Best baby bathtubs and bath seats

Best baby bathtubs and bath seats

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Bathing your baby in an adult-size tub can be a slippery, nerve-racking challenge, but the right baby bathtub turns the experience into a pleasure for both of you. Bath time can be a bonding experience for you and your baby, and there's nothing as sweet as a freshly bathed baby wrapped up in a towel, just ready to snuggle.

You'll find a lot of choices for baby tubs these days: tubs designed specifically to fit in a kitchen sink, tubs with sling inserts to hold infants, tubs that fold flat, and even tubs that can tell you the temperature of the water so there's no guessing required.

Of course, some parents love to get right in the tub and bathe with their babies. That's fine, as long as you're careful. But it's not always convenient, and you'll have to keep your slippery baby from hurting herself.

You can also wash your baby in the sink or on a counter, and several baby tubs are designed to make this easier. Some parents prefer these methods to putting a baby bathtub inside a big bathtub, especially when their little ones are newborn. (Bathing in a sink or on a counter saves you from having to stoop over or kneel on the floor next to the tub.) Moms with c-section incisions may find standing when giving baths more comfortable.

Many baby bathtubs are designed to go from newborn to toddler days. They may have a removable sling or hammock to keep your newborn higher in the water and closer to you. After a few months, you can remove this insert to create more room for an older baby to sit up and splash. If the tub doesn't have a sling or hammock for newborns, make sure it has a gentle incline to keep your younger baby lying supported in a slightly upright position.

Hard plastic tubs are usually easy to clean; some also have a mildew-resistant foam lining. Look for a contoured, smooth shape that will be comfortable for your baby. There should be a plug at the base so you can easily drain out the water. Also handy: a hook or suction cup, so you can hang it on the shower or bathroom wall when it's not in use.

Looking for a more innovative approach? Foldable tubs are more convenient for storing and carrying, especially when traveling, but may not be as solid and sturdy as non-foldable ones. A baby bath pad or sponge goes on the bottom of the bathtub or sink to keep your baby cushioned and comfy. And some luxury tubs have bells and whistles such as waterfalls, temperature monitors, and handheld shower units. These extras aren't necessary by any means, but some parents enjoy them.

Wherever you bathe your baby, make sure you follow safe-bathing guidelines. Never leave your baby unattended in the tub – not even for a second. If the doorbell rings or you have to get something from another room, grab a towel, scoop up your baby, and take him with you.

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