Best baby formula of 2020

Best baby formula of 2020

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For the first 4 to 6 months, formula or breast milk will meet all of your baby's nutritional needs. But which formula brands are best? To find the top five baby formulas recommended by parents, we combed through threads from moms and dads in the our site Community and added our own research and experience. Here are the our site Love It winners for the best baby formula.

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  • Baby formula basics

    What you need to know

    Baby formula is designed to feed babies as a substitute for or a supplement to breast milk. There are a lot of formula options, so talk to your baby's doctor about the brand and type of formula you're considering for your baby. Rest assured that all baby formulas have the same five main components: carbohydrates, protein, fat, vitamins, and minerals. And all formulas marketed in the United States must meet the FDA's requirements for nutrients. So while specific ingredients and formulations may vary from brand to brand, all baby formulas have the basics your baby needs.

    Formula comes in three forms: powdered, liquid concentrate, and ready-to-use. Powdered formula is the most economical and eco-friendly option, but it takes a bit longer to prepare since you'll need to measure it out and mix it with water to make bottles for your baby. Once you open a can, it's good for a month. Liquid concentrate is a little quicker to prepare – you mix it with water but don't have to wait for powdered formula to dissolve – yet it's more expensive. And ready-to-use formula is the most convenient (just open and serve, no mixing required), but it's also the most expensive option. And once you open ready-to-use formula, you'll need to use it within 48 hours.

    The majority of formula today is cow's-milk-based – though the milk protein in formula is significantly altered to make it easier for your baby to digest. There are also partially and extensively hydrolyzed formulas, soy-based formula, lactose-free formula, organic formula, and several specialty formulas. To learn more about various formulas and their ingredients, see our article on how to buy baby formula.

    Many parents wonder what's the best formula for newborns vs. the best formula for newborns. Actually, there's not much of a difference: Newborn formula just contains a bit more protein and Vitamin D. Both are fine for both newborns and babies and contain enough nutrients for either.

    The following baby formula brands are the five most recommended by our site parents and one chosen by our site editors. All are good choices in terms of features and ease of use – and they're the our site Love It winners for the best 2020 baby formula.

  • Quick look

    The best baby formula

    Parents' Picks - recommended by parents

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    Earth's Best


    Happy Baby


    Editors' Choice - chosen by our site Editors

    Baby formula brandour site Rating
    NeocateHighly recommended
  • Similac

    Our site Parents' Pick

    Similac is a trusted brand that offers standard formula, formula for sensitive tummies, formula for babies needing specialized nutrition, and organic and non-GMO options. The Similac website can help you narrow your choices with a helpful Formula Finder tool. Similac formulas contain no artificial growth hormones. Parents especially like the brand's Pro-Advance and Pro-Sensitive varieties. And you can get savings and other benefits by joining Similac's StrongMoms rewards program.

    Heads up

    Some parents say the powdered formula clumps up. And others say that the Pro-Sensitive was much easier on their babies' tummies than the Pro-Advance.

    Parents say

    "My son has taken this formula since he was about 1 month old. He's almost 11 months now. He hasn't been gassy and barely spit up."

    "Another fan of the Pro-Advance here! My daughter used it from about 5 weeks old till we weaned her to whole milk at 1 year. We never had any issues with it."

    "I used this for my daughter. She wouldn't drink any other formula. On this formula she never had any stomach or gas problems. I loved it! Also, you can sign up with Similac and they send you coupons."

    "When my supply dropped and I had to supplement with formula, my son refused every kind except Similac. It's the best!"

    Similac Pro-Advance Formula Specs

    • Contains prebiotics
    • Has DHA, lutein, and vitamin E

    Similac Pro-Advance Formula

    Available at Amazon starting at $116.63 for a 3-pack

  • Enfamil

    Our site Parents' Pick

    Enfamil applies decades of research to its products and categorizes its formulas into four main groups: everyday nutrition, tummy troubles, allergy issues, and toddler nutrition. Enfamil NeuroPro and Enfamil Enspire are the "everyday nutrition" options for babies. NeuroPro contains a blend of brain-building MFGM and DHA. Enspire has immune-supporting lactoferrin, a protein also found in colostrum and breast milk, as well as MFGM and omega 3 DHA. For coupons and samples, join the Enfamil Family Beginnings program.

    Heads up

    Enfamil has non-GMO formulas but doesn't offer organic versions.

    Parents say

    "We used Enfamil to supplement when my milk supply started to drop with my daughter. She was actually a much happier baby compared to when she was just having my breast milk. It helped with all her gas bubbles."

    "I love this Enfamil formula because it has a few key ingredients that aren't available in any other formulas out there. I feel very good about giving this to my daughter!"

    Enfamil Enspire Formula Specs

    • Contains prebiotics
    • Has DHA, lactoferrin, and MFGM

    Enfamil Enspire Formula

    Available at Amazon starting at $158.98 for a 4-pack

  • Gerber

    Our site Parents' Pick

    Gerber Good Start formula has DHA for brain development, probiotics, and human milk oligosaccharide (HMO), which supports digestive health. Parents like the specially designed packaging, which ensures the lid will stay closed and has a handy spot for the formula scoop. Gerber Good Start has no GMO ingredients or artificial growth hormones, and comes with a money-back guarantee. You can join MyGerber to get coupons and special offers on Gerber products.

    Heads up

    If you're interested in organic formula, keep in mind that Gerber Good Start isn't organic – but Gerber's Natura formula is.

    Parents say

    "This formula mixes well and my daughter is thriving on it. She rarely spits up, she poops great, and she seems to like the taste."

    "My daughter loves this formula. We tried other brands but she would spit it up after eating. She's never spit or burped up this formula; the difference is amazing. It's really easy to prepare a bottle since it includes the scoop and scoop holder in the lid."

    "My son has reflux and struggles with other top-brand powder formulas, so I tried this one. This has been the best formula we've tried! This helps his reflux, he doesn't choke while drinking it, and he has much less – little to no – spit-up."

    Gerber Good Start Gentle Specs

    • Contains probiotics
    • Has DHA and HMO

    Gerber Good Start Gentle

    Available at Amazon starting at $149.94 for a 6-pack

  • Earth's Best

    Our site Parents' Pick

    Earth's Best is a pioneer of organic formula and baby food. Its formulas are made from organic cow's milk and contain no GMOs, artificial growth hormones, or corn syrup solids. They contain DHA and ARA, two fatty acids found in breast milk that help support brain and eye health. Earth's Best also contains lutein for eye development, along with prebiotics. You can join the Earth's Best Family for coupons and deals.

    Heads up

    Some parents say that this formula can be foamy or frothy when mixed.

    Parents say

    "We switched to Earth's Best because on a previous formula my baby was constipated and her gas smelled really bad. Since we switched she has had much more regular poops, less gas, and she seems happier. I also like that Earth's Best is less sticky."

    "Earth's Best fits the bill for my son. He has had no troubles and, in fact, his tummy troubles decreased and his eczema cleared up. It mixes up much easier and seems to be less gummy, and isn't yucky smelling. I feel better knowing it's organic."

    Earth's Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula Specs

    • Contains prebiotics
    • Has lutein, DHA, and ARA

    Earth's Best Organic Dairy Infant Powder Formula

    Available at Amazon starting at $27.54

  • Happy Baby

    Our site Parents' Pick

    Happy Baby's formulas are made with organic cow's milk and contain no GMOs or corn syrup solids. They're available in a two-stage system for babies 0 to 6 months and 6 to 12 months, and there is also a sensitive formula for babies 0 to 12 months who have fussiness and gas. The formulas include DHA and ARA, plus prebiotics. You can sign up on the company's website for coupons and offers.

    Heads up

    Some parents say the formula powder has a fishy smell.

    Parents say

    "My baby loves it. He doesn't get constipated. He spits up less. I can't say enough good things!"

    "Best formula around. My baby has had no digestive issues at all, no gas, no constipation, and his poops don't even smell that bad."

    "My daughter just turned 3 months, and we were exclusively breastfeeding until about two weeks ago. She's now completely on this formula and is doing really well."

    Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula Specs

    • Contains prebiotics
    • Has DHA and ARA

    Happy Baby Organic Infant Formula

    Available at Amazon starting at $29.99

  • Neocate

    Our site Editors' Pick

    If your baby has a cow's milk allergy, other food allergies, or gastrointestinal conditions, Neocate may be the answer for you. It's hypoallergenic and is made from individual amino acids instead of whole proteins so it's easier for the body to absorb. Neocate is free of GMOs, dairy, and soy oil, and contains DHA and ARA.

    Heads up

    This formula should only be used with the supervision of your baby's doctor. Also, it's expensive, but some insurance providers will cover it.

    Editors say

    "Neocate is the only formula that some babies with severe allergies can tolerate. I've heard from parents who say they've tried everything with no luck until they heard about this."

    Neocate Infant Specs

    • Hypoallergenic, free of dairy and soy oil
    • Contains DHA and ARA

    Neocate Infant Formula

    Available at Amazon starting at $45.99

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