Your 6 1/4-year-old: Getting good rest

Your 6 1/4-year-old: Getting good rest

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Your 6-year-old now

You may notice your child going to bed earlier than previously or seeming to "lose it" before bedtime. A full day of school can cause even the most active 6-year-old to tire by day's end.

Kids this age still need ten to 12 hours of sleep a night. Sufficient rest can have a huge impact on his behavior and performance at school. So even if he's protesting his early bedtime ("Nobody else in my class goes to bed at 8"), stay resolute.

Keep up your familiar bedtime routine from his younger days. Time to unwind is crucial. That means 30 to 45 minutes of bath time, reading together, calming music, or a chat. Many parents find they get their best information – even from usually reticent children – at this magical, sleepy hour.

Your life now

A simple way to make mornings go more smoothly is to institute a nightly backpack check. Make sure your child is ready for the next day by looking through his pack together when he comes home from school or before bed. Take out any papers and sort those that need to be signed or returned. Fish out dirty clothes or socks, yesterday's show-and-tell items, stray rocks, or other things that have found their way into the pack. Make sure that any homework has been completed and returned to the pack.

By organizing his pack together, it may eventually become a habit for your child even without your reminders. But don't count on this happening any time soon. While some kids are eager to keep things orderly and ready to go, many first graders are simply oblivious. Knowing which type you're sending off to school each day will give you a good idea how closely you need to monitor this process.

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