Your 7 1/4-year-old: Taking risks

Your 7 1/4-year-old: Taking risks

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Your 7-year-old now

We're conditioned to think of risks and mistakes as being things to avoid, but in fact both are terrific experiences for your child.

Taking risks and succeeding boosts your child's self-esteem. Whether it's playing with a new friend, trying a new food, or seeing whether she can pour the milk all by herself, encourage your child when she shows an interest in trying.

Resist the temptation to step in and rig the situation so that she's guaranteed to succeed. You don't want to unwittingly send the message that she can't do anything without you.

Sure, there's always the possibility of failure. But that's a chance she's willing to take. If it doesn't work out, let her know it's all right and talk about what she might do differently the next time. If it does work out, applaud her efforts and let her know that being open to trying things is great.

Your life now

Phone calls are convenient, but writing letters is good practice for your child. Encourage her to send thank-you notes promptly for gifts or to write and say hello to grandparents who live out of town. E-mail works, but if your parents aren't wired, make the effort to supply stationery and stamps so your child can communicate the traditional way.

It's useful for kids to learn the basics of addressing an envelope: where the address, return address, and stamp go. Walk to a mailbox or, better yet, a post office together and use the errand as an opportunity to talk about how mail gets from one place to another.

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