Your 34-month-old: Beating bossiness

Your 34-month-old: Beating bossiness

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Your 2-year-old now

Hey, who's the boss around here? Along with better language skills can come an annoying new personality trait: bossiness. "Put my coat on." "Come here, Mommy!" "Sit there, Daddy." Your child sees himself as the center of the universe, so he finds it only natural to believe that everyone revolves around him. Although you can't argue with that perception developmentally, you can coach him to be a little nicer about it. Encourage the use of "please" and a "nice voice" when he wants something.

Sometimes bossiness is a bid for your attention. He may make imperious demands because he really wants you to listen to him or play with him right this minute. Again, teach him to ask nicely. Let him know that you can't always comply with his wishes just then and help him to learn patience by responding to him as soon as you can.

Your life now

You might be starting to see more and more of your personality in your child. (Or Grandpa's personality, or funny Uncle Bob's.) Sometimes children inherit their parents' temperaments and sometimes parent-child temperaments clash like polka dots and stripes. If you were shy and your child lives in the limelight, it can feel harder to relate to him. Your personality can also influence how you treat your child. For example, if you were a star athlete you might feel driven to provide your child with lots of sports opportunities, even if he'd rather be playing with dolls. The main thing is to respect and nurture the child you have for who he is and not veer too far into projecting anybody else onto him.

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