Why does my baby have red bumps on her knees?

Why does my baby have red bumps on her knees?

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Without seeing your daughter's knees, it's hard to be sure. The most common situation would be that she is up on her hands and rubbing her knees on the sheet or playpen pad, creating areas of irritation. To avoid these kinds of red areas, dress her in long, fitted pants or leggings to protect her tiny kneecaps.

Another possibility is a sensitivity to detergent or laundry additive residues. If that's the case, a change to a gentle laundry soap, such as Ivory or Dreft, and adding an extra laundry rinse should take care of the problem.

However, if there are bumps, not just red spots, on her knees, she needs to be seen by her healthcare provider as soon as possible. It's probably nothing serious, but rashes of any kind—because they're usually very contagious—warrant a phone call the same day.

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