Where can I get more information about the risks and benefits of vaccines?

Where can I get more information about the risks and benefits of vaccines?

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Most pediatricians and other doctors who treat children try hard to keep up with vaccine information, so your child's doctor is probably the best place to start.

Other places to go for information:

Every Child by Two is a group dedicated to providing up-to-date information about vaccinations so that as many children as possible will receive their full course of vaccinations in their first two years of life.

The American Academy of Pediatrics website has a designated Immunization section that provides the current immunization schedule, as well as information about vaccine safety and answers to frequently asked questions about vaccinations.

Immunization Action Coalition provides information for healthcare professionals as well as the public. This is a good place to read about specific diseases and vaccines as well as topics like vaccine shortages and pregnancy and immunization.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) website offers extensive information, from recommendations for particular vaccines to general discussions of vaccine safety and effectiveness. This site deals with controversial topics in a straightforward manner.

A site affiliated with the American Academy of Pediatrics and other professional health organizations, the National Network for Immunization Information, offers clear explanations of science-based information, as well as printable vaccine schedules and fact sheets.

The website for the Vaccine Education Center at the Children's Hospital of Philadelphia contains accurate, up-to-date information about vaccines.

Your Baby's Best Shot: Why Vaccines Are Safe and Save Lives (2012), by Stacy Mintzer Herlihy and E. Allison Hagood, is an excellent book on the topic.

The goal of my book, Vaccines and Your Child: Separating Fact from Fiction (January/February 2011), is to discuss the science that should put to rest many of the fears that parents have about vaccines.

Watch the video: Inside Story - Are children at risk from vaccines? (July 2022).


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