Mistakes during breastfeeding

Mistakes during breastfeeding

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Natural miracle breast milk, how nice it is to be feeding your baby from your own body, right? It is a miracle to offer a gift to help her develop better, have a healthier and stronger body… When your baby is given to you for feeding within the first half hour after birth, both your milk will start to come and your baby will be able to suck spontaneously. First mouth milk is very important for him. Because the dark mouth milk after birth is protective up to diseases and will strengthen your baby's immune system. You can continue to feed your baby with breast milk for at least 6 months and up to 24 months. After the first 6 months of breastfeeding only, you should continue to breastfeed up to the age of 2 with supplementary food supplements for the month. But how do you know that your milk can feed your baby enough?Don't go wrong!
- One of the biggest mistakes of the mothers is that they start to eat extra food early by falling into the rush that milk is not enough for the baby.

- It is an important mistake that causes the baby to stop sucking and decrease your milk while feeding the baby during breastfeeding.

- It is a well-known mistake to eat constantly and eat sweet things with the insistence of the elders because it makes milk.

- Experts' advice to mothers is as follows; During your pregnancy, your body has already collected a lot of vitamins and calcium for your baby's milk formation.

- Breastfeeding the baby frequently and at regular hour intervals will provide more secretion and increase of milk.

- An important point is that every mother eats milk. So the bitter, sour or salty foods you consume can affect the taste of your milk and reduce your baby's desire to suck. Consuming normal amounts will not harm you. However, consuming too much will reduce the quality of your milk and reduce the nutritional value.

- It is sold in some plants in herbal to increase your milk. However, do not use any herbal products without consulting your doctor. You can also try to increase your daily fluid intake with such drinks.

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