Sagittarius children

Sagittarius children

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Many of you have been going through big changes for several years. It was a difficult and long journey for you. You've had to face a lot of things you feel guilty about. Especially between 2001 and 2003 was a difficult period. Some of you have had health problems, financial difficulties, one of you has had problems. You came to the edge of the cliff, but you didn't fall. On the contrary, you were reborn as a new person.
In 2006, you're going to get through this hard time. You will enjoy your new self. You'il understand better why you had those experiences. In the next few years, many of you will be somewhere else in your social or business life. In 2006, listen, you will be interested in philosophy and travel.

Home and family
Home and family issues will be on your agenda both in 2006 and the next few years. There may be unexpected and shocking developments. You can have disagreements with your family, make portable, home-related changes. You can seek great freedom in your home. You cannot tolerate any limitations or obligations. Your emotions are rolling. Try to find the middle way. You will see that you and your family have improved and matured.

Changes to your home will last year. However, from 14 April to 3 June and from 13 October to 16 December your renovation and repair work will increase.

Love and social life
We cannot say that you will be very active in 2006. In general, you will have a quiet life. You will continue to meet your old friends and maintain your old relationships. But not being very active will allow you to focus on other subjects. Especially 1-4 January, 20 May-21 June, 24 June-19 July, we should say that you will be more social and active.
A new love can knock on the door of single ones. You can even find true love. You can also make changes about yourself to adapt to the person entering your life. Those who continue their second marriage may face a small crisis. This crisis may arise from the monotonization of the relationship. Be careful.

Finance and career
Just as in love and social life, your financial situation and career will continue in the same course in general. Still, there are days in your career that you will continue to rise. The luckiest financial period is 1-20 January, 8 February-5 March, 20 March-19 April, 23 July-22 August and 22 November-21 December. Your career may rise on 20 August to 23 September. Travel, connections with other countries, foreign investments will save money. Some of you can do a teaching or academic career. isfrom.

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