The other kids are all reading, but my child isn't. How can I help her feel better?

The other kids are all reading, but my child isn't. How can I help her feel better?

The only way to really help her feel better about herself is to find out why she isn't reading and then do something about it. But make sure before you begin to solve this problem that it really is a problem. How do you know that all of the other kids are reading? Could it be that your child's best friend is reading a bit better than she is and she just needs a little extra pat on the back? Your first step should be to talk to your child's teacher. If she confirms that all of the other kids are reading and your child isn't, then you do have a problem. Often teachers will recommend some form of remedial reading to help a child who is not succeeding in the classroom. Ask for special help for your child as soon as possible. The earlier she gets that help the better.

One of the most common reasons that children fail to learn to read is their inability to hear the differences between the sounds the various letters make. Your child may need intensive teaching and practice using the sounds and letters. Ask your child's teacher what you can do at home to help. You may even wish to get extra tutoring help for your child.

There are numerous books to help you get to the bottom of her difficulty. In addition to my book, How to Raise a Reader, I'd like to recommend three other books: Why Our Children Can't Read and What You Can Do About It, by Diane McGuinness, Straight Talk About Reading, by Susan Hall and Louisa Moats, and Reading Reflex, by Carmen and Geoffrey McGuinness. Once you have read these four books, you'll know more than enough to be able figure out what your child's problem could be.

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