Is it safe to have my home treated by an exterminator while I'm pregnant?

Is it safe to have my home treated by an exterminator while I'm pregnant?

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We don't know, but it's best not to take the risk.

Some human studies have associated pesticide exposure during pregnancy with an increased chance of childhood cancer. These studies are limited because the actual amount of pesticide each individual was exposed to is unknown. Other studies have not shown that childhood cancer is related to pesticide exposure. So, at this point, there is not enough information to determine if exposure to pesticides during pregnancy increases the chance of childhood cancer.

If you must use pesticides, don't handle the materials yourself. Leave the house during application, and remain away for approximately 8 hours afterward. Have someone else air out the house well and wipe down any indoor surfaces that have come in contact with a pesticide before you return to the house.

You can also ask your exterminator for the names of the products to be used in and around your home, including their active ingredients. Then contact MotherToBaby (866-626-6847) and ask an expert to assess the risk for you.

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