How do I know which bottle nipple is best for my baby?

How do I know which bottle nipple is best for my baby?

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The best nipple is one that seems to fit comfortably in your baby's mouth. That said, there are literally dozens of nipples available and choosing the right one can be maddening. Most full term babies will accept whichever nipple they're offered if they're hungry, so I wouldn't worry too much about this. The three basic types of nipple you can choose from are "orthodontic," meaning the nipple is flattened to look (and presumably feel) more like your breast; "angled" meaning the nipple is slanted so it automatically tilts into your baby's mouth, and "vented," which means the nipple has a tiny hole in it to let air into the bottle while your baby sucks milk out (presumably to prevent gas-producing bubbles).

Then, there are different sized nipples: Preemie nipples (which you'll probably be given from the hospital if you need them); newborn nipples for babies from birth through about 6 months, and nipples designed for infants 6 months and older. The nipples for older babies have slightly larger holes that allow the formula or milk to flow faster. Older babies might be frustrated by newborn nipples because the holes are so tiny they don't allow effective sucking. On the other hand, preemies can't handle bigger nipples because their mouths aren't big enough. It's not so much that a smaller baby who drinks from a big nipple is in danger of choking or gagging, just that he can't suck effectively because it doesn't fit correctly in his mouth. It's like riding the wrong size bicycle. An adult on a child's bike has trouble pedaling because the bike is too small, and a child on an adult's bike has to stretch to reach the pedals. Both can ride the bike, just not comfortably or effectively.

And though you may think certain nipples can prevent gas, the nipple doesn't have as much impact as the bottle itself. You can buy angled bottles that limit the amount of air your baby takes in, or bottles with plastic liner inserts that allow you to press the excess air out as your baby drinks. But don't forget: babies have a lot of gas that surfaces throughout the day and that's a good thing. Gas is a natural part of digestion and a sign that your baby's system is processing food. Don't waste your money searching for the nipple or bottle that's going to make your baby's gas disappear — you'll never find one and even if such a thing existed, it wouldn't be healthy for your baby.

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