Are you having difficulty sleeping your child?

Are you having difficulty sleeping your child?

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Some kids don't want to go to bed and sleep at night. This is a situation frequently encountered by the child's mother and father. As you try to put your child to bed, your child finds excuses such as orum I want to drink water, I want to go to the toilet, I will say something else ve and tries to postpone the period of going to bed. In such cases, the most important thing you should do is to develop a rule of bedtime and apply this rule consistently. Here are detailed advice…

What can parents do?

1. Be careful about your child needs sleep.

Make sure that children's requests do not indicate their needs. So if a child doesn't want to sleep, it doesn't mean he doesn't need sleep. So remember that it is your duty to determine the appropriate hospitalization and departure time for your child's need for sleep, and guide him / her about the time to sleep at the rate your child needs. Another thing to note is that some of the kindergarten students may be sleeping during school hours during the day, so your child may want to sleep less at home because they meet some of their sleep needs at school, which is normal and understandable. If your child has a sleep time at school, you can adjust the time of stay at home.

2. Rules…

- Explain the rules that you want to set about your bedtime to your child during the day, the rules you explain before going to bed can cause a discussion between you and your child, which may lead to postponement of the bedtime.

- Predict that your child will react to the rules you have set regarding the bed time and be patient.

- Be stable and follow the rules you set consistently.

3. Children need a consistent and regular sleep period…

- Create a sleeping routine for your child and try to apply it before going to sleep, such as going to the toilet, brushing teeth, reading books and sleeping…

- Take care to do activities where your child will calm down and prepare for sleep, such as taking a bath or reading a book. The activities you should avoid are watching television, running around, playing computer games aktivit

- Put your child to bed and leave his room while he's still awake.

4. After your child goes to bed…

If he calls you back soon ...

Tell him it's a bedtime.

-Don't start arguing with him.

If it comes to you again in a short time…

Calm down and take him to bed.

Remind me that this is not a punishment, it is a rule to be followed.

- Never argue.

Be stable….

- Remember that it is not easy to change behavior and be determined

-Be careful not to compromise your rules

5. Reward your child…

- Reward your child when he stays true to sleep time,

Focus on positive behavior, not mistakes, to reward

Give it immediately after the award, for example, you can reward your child by doing what he wants for breakfast the next morning.

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