Practical information on child nutrition

Practical information on child nutrition

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Protecting children from obesity is easier than trying to resolve obesity after it has occurred. Therefore, the person responsible for child nutrition should pay attention to the following points.

• The child should be accustomed to eating regular meals.
• All food groups should be included in daily nutrition.
• It should give the habit of drinking water and should be kept away from soft drinks such as ready-made fruit juices or cola drinks.
• Food should not be used as a reward.
• The child should not be put under pressure when eating.
• Apart from meals, the consumption of fatty, sugar and fastfood foods called junk food should be prevented and children should not be accustomed to eating them.
• Meals consisting of healthy foods such as milk + fruit, or bread + cheese + tomato should be created in snacks.
• Make sure to consume lean toast or cheese sandwich instead of hamburger.
• Simit and ayran will create a healthy meal from both hamburger and economy.
• Slowly different foods should be tasted and healthy-unhealthy food separation should be taught.
• If you don't want to have breakfast in the morning, make sure you have a breakfast consisting of at least 1 glass of milk + 1 apple before leaving home.
• The child should be allowed to participate in an exercise program appropriate to his / her age and taste.
• “Chubby id children should be accepted by adults as not healthy children.

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