Jenin's journal (6 months)

Jenin's journal (6 months)

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I am 21 weeks old; once I was misbehaving and then I heard some voices I didn't know, it was beautiful, I listened quietly, my mother said to my father, “I think she will be an artist like you, she loves Vivaldi very much”, she said ses music,, I don't know Viva We listen to music, I love listening to music, sometimes I sleep while listening, my mother is happy. My mother's feet and ankles are always resting because of my swelling. My father said if he had a swelling on his face and hands, we should go to the doctor. My heart is working hard, I'm pumping blood all the time, but I'm still growing slowly these days, I'm only 400grams.

22 weeks old; I was like a banana, something called a banana stomach burns my mother's stomach is burning, and the gums swelling, my father "these women always like this, complains about everything," he says. She repeats to herself, ol Be patient, all will pass sürekli and it's funny when she talks to herself like that. I'm about 500 gr. I can't stand for a long time, and when we go to walk, she wears low-heeled shoes. Because his back hurts, the center of gravity of his body constantly changes when he's pregnant, we sit a little, then we stand up, we stand a little, then we sit again, I get more tired. My spine hurts. It's a good thing he's sitting and holding his knees above his hips, so that my pain goes away.

I'm 23 weeks old, I've been huge, but my mother still complains when I'm going to grow up, her legs are swelling now, she's lying, it's better for me, we're still listening to music, we're even reading books. Sometimes the music affects him and he cries, and I get angry, I turn around, the doctor tells him right away, when I see that he is very upset, I turn around again, why he is upset, I can't always stop in the same way, of course I get bored. The doctor told him to talk to me that I started to complete my middle ear development so I could hear him. That's my kick işte.

I'm 24 weeks old and I'm sweating when I move a lot and coughing when I'm sick. Mommy thinks I kicked when I sob. 33 cm length 570 gr. how one fits in here, how much more have to go to the other world öfffff a moment before I see my mother and my father, my mother asleep last night while my father stroked me, even talked to me, and even warned me of my mother's grumps. I love both of them. I also wonder about this doctor, we go to see him regularly. Now my mom's supposed to have a sugar screening test.

I am 25 weeks old; my mother came to something called cramps and she was crying and she was crying, I grew up as a football, my mother says that her waist and legs are throbbing, what does zonk mean? When we hear Zonk, we put ice on his legs or take a shower. If it doesn't, we'il take the medication our doctor gave you. My father came in very excited tonight. Ann You know, there's three-dimensional ultrasound, ”she said, yelling at my mother. So he's taking pictures of me from various angles,
the computer fills in between the images themselves, they create an image similar to me. But our doctor told us that it wasn't very important. Daddy can't wait to see me.


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