Sibel Arna and motherhood: Life with the Wind!

Sibel Arna and motherhood: Life with the Wind!

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What are you doing now?Nuri Colakoglu opens a health channel, the channel is called HTV. Every morning I will broadcast live on mother and child health for an hour and a half and entertain doctor guests. I will learn a lot. I believe it will be a very enjoyable program because I am a lifelong reporter.
On the one hand, your fashion articles in Hürriyet, on the other hand your column about motherhood, and finally the television program nasıl How do you catch up with them all?My writing about motherhood is easy. Because my son is the truth of my life, I wonder every day I learn something new about him. Sometimes I even find ten different articles a day. I'm researching more of my fashion articles, working, I'm just sitting around thinking about what to do this week. Of course I also enjoy doing this because I have been writing fashion articles since 2003.
How's mothering going?It goes great, the wind was two years old. Nowadays, the words are getting more out of his mouth. This gives me a lot of pleasure. He started the nest five days ago and was very surprised to see how useful the nest was in five days. He goes home from nine in the morning to twelve in the afternoon. However, he became a happier child because he was draining all his energy, experiencing something new every day.
Didn't you even have difficulty on the first day of home?No, he didn't. Since it was the first days, we were waiting outside while he was in the classroom, but he still didn't call us at all, he was quite happy with the situation.
Was it a wind-up baby?It wasn't planned, but we've wanted children since we got married. But before I got pregnant with the wind, I had two miscarriages.
How did the pregnancy go?It was very comfortable and enjoyable. I had nausea for the first three months, but I never vomited. In total, I gained thirty pounds. My hand, my foot never swelled. When I looked at it from the back it was not clear that I was pregnant, it was just like a ball in my belly!
Did you do sports during this period?I walked a lot. Other than that, I had a leg massage and it was very useful. I had no pain as my blood circulation accelerated.
Have you taken care of your diet?I didn't eat junk food or dessert. I took care that everything I ate was useful to my baby. Plenty of vegetables and fruit. I never neglected my walnuts and almonds. I ate most of the green beans.
How was the birth?We came to the forty-second week and my doctor and I set a date for cesarean section. The night before that day, I wrote and wrote my latest fashion. At that time, my pains began, continued until the morning. I took a shower, I did makeup, we went to the hospital around 6:00. My doctor told me that I couldn't have a normal birth even if I had been in pain for another forty-eight hours after the examination. Because, according to my anatomy, there was not enough opening and the baby did not enter the birth canal. Inadvertently, I went into caesarean section.
How many pounds was born?He weighed four kilos, a big baby.
How did you feel after the birth? You almost feel the butterflies flying in your belly. It was one of my happiest days. Not only do you feel blissful, but you feel like a fool.
How did the first days go?It's a fact that I'm sleepless and tired, but it's so weird that you're dealing with all of this with the instinct of motherhood. The first week, my mother stayed with me, and then I saw that I could handle it on my own, and I started looking after myself. Wind's got a problem sleeping at night. He was always waking up. He'il still get up. Your father's support is very important at this stage.
Soon after the wind came, you joined the dance competition. Have you had a hard time? Since I was a caesarean section, I used to force my abdominal muscles, and then it became stronger. I joined the dance contest to have more fun. When my son grew up, I wanted to show, “Look what your mother once was like a stone. I keep the program CDs in the private corner of the house.
Who called the wind?The wind's father loves sailing. One night he said, “Should our son be called the Wind?. I love nature-themed boys. My brother's name is Poyraz. So we became the Wind.
Has motherhood changed Sibel Arna?It was thanks to the Wind that I met infinite love, and I began to look at the male race from another angle. I'm trying to catch up with a compassionate man. I'm a more productive person now. Things that used to be finished in two hours now end in one hour. I'm more hopeful about life, I'm also worried. Thanks to my son, I start the day with a spoiled feeling as if the sun was just rising for us. I know that no man like him will ever look at me with passion. Thanks to my son, I am much stronger now, I know the value of my tears, I don't shed everything. Again, thanks to my son, I was able to distinguish between my friend and non-friend.
How did that happen?You can't socialize for a while after you're a baby. When you didn't socialize, I differentiated my friends from me and those who came away from me and didn't leave me alone.
Do you have any dreams about the Wind?Let the wind be a compassionate man. Because one of the biggest problems of our age is compassion; we are very poor and selfish about it. Other than that, I don't have dreams like a doctor. No matter how happy he will be. I want a person who is good, honest, positive, colorful, without prejudice, hardworking, slightly cracked, knows how to give without taking. I'm gonna try to give him all that I can.
How did you lose weight after birth?When I came from the hospital, she lost ten pounds. In the first months, I was very sleepless, and because I made a lot of effort, it went easily in other pounds. But I'm attributing all my weight to my actual breastfeeding. Because it burns more calories than all sports. I support breastfeeding very much for the mother and the baby. I will gladly take part in all kinds of projects on this subject.
How long did you breastfeed?I was breastfeeding for ten and a half months, and then the wind stopped. When it was time to suck, his nose began to squirm, he didn't suck at all during the day and sucked a little while sleeping. So my milk is low. So I quit.
Do you have any foods you consume to have milk?Water and liquid things increased my milk. I consumed plenty of grape juice, fresh walnuts, dill.
As I follow your articles, the wind fell in love with Çağla Şikel last summer, right?Yeah. Çağla is a very close friend of mine. The wind had seen Çağla many times before, but when he saw it in the hotel, he suddenly fell in love. He kept calling me Lala, Lala, Lala.
How's he doing with his father?Fine. They go to the park together, have fun.

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