Ways to get your child used to school

Ways to get your child used to school

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Experts, to resolve your child's anxiety and warm up to the school as soon as possible to parents, not wanting to go to school should not be met with understanding, stating that the mother and father calm and determined attitude, stressed the necessity of sending their children to school every day.

Experts advise children to be taken to school by parents for a while and wait outside during school hours.

Gazi University Faculty of Medicine, Department of Child Psychiatry, Assoc. Dr. Contact Yasemen directlyparents and children who go to school for the first time, and educators should be conscious, he said.

Children, preschoolers connected to the people who care for them, and after a while they may experience separation anxiety Taner, anxiety decreased over time, turned into a form of commitment to the teacher in the nursery period, he said.

Taner, with the arrival of school age in some children may develop anxiety about the separation of parents and school environment, he added. Taner stressed that this concern should be met normally by parents and should not be responded with anger, and that the relationship that the child will establish with the teacher is important at this stage. Taner, "communication with the teacher to be separated from the child's mother, father or caregiver can tolerate," he said.

Taking to school should not be abandoned

Emphasizing that separation anxiety may cause school rejection, Taner warned that parents should not fulfill every wish of the child and do everything on behalf of them.

Taner stated that this attitude of the parents may be due to timelessness, diligence, and concern that the child will not be able to do it on his own and this is not the right behavior for the child's development. Pointing out that such an attitude may cause the child to avoid doing anything without his or her parents and the skills he will gain will be affected negatively. Çocuklar In such a situation, children start to believe that they cannot do anything without their parents. They feel lonely and helpless, have panic during school and do not want to go to school. ”

Taner, the child before school time, but when it is time to go to school to react to the “anxiety anlat by telling the sign, not want to ride to the service, slow preparation, abdominal pain, nausea, headache, anorexia, vomiting, such as symptoms of anxiety in the child, he said. .

Taner emphasized that it is not right not to be sent to the school on the day the child complains and said that prolongation of the child's stay at home may lead to his departure from school. The child, insisting that the school should be sent to the school every day insisting that the opening Taner, "caring for himself for a while carer, mother, mother, mother, father in the presence of people such as the school should be taken to enter the class," he said.

Taner, who suggested that one of the caregivers wait outside during school hours in the early days of the school, said: “This determination should never be abandoned. The interference of the environment should not be allowed as much as possible. This behavior and discourse, the child away from more ”said.

Teacher and parents should act together, cooperating Taner voicing, "You will not go to school" instead of "It is time to go to school. I'll be there when you need it, you'll get used to it in time ”.

Taner pointed out that entertaining activities such as playing games at home or watching television should not be allowed in the absence of school, and pointed out that the subjects covered during the days of absence should be made at home.

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